Dear Teaching Colleague:

I have been a professor at a major university for more than 20 years.  During that time, I have endeavored to introduce students to effective learning techniques and overcome related problems such as test taking anxiety and poor exam taking skills.  With the advent of the internet, and the accompanying explosion in available information, there is a plethora of resources about these topics scattered all over the web.  Often, students do not have the skills or time necessary to locate and evaluate which of these would be the most helpful for them.

To that end, I have committed myself to building a web site devoted to locating and reviewing learning resources and providing them in a convenient fashion to students and educators everywhere.

At the present time, I have resources for the following areas:

I would like to ask for your assistance in several ways:

+ Please visit the site yourself and let me know of any ideas for how to improve the content or the display of the material.  There is an email link to me on the site so providing this feedback is as easy.  Here's the site information:

Title:        Doctor Ah-Clem's Webpages for Students

+ Please share this information with other colleagues who would be interested in visiting this site.

+ Please let your students know about this resource.  There is so much good information "out there" and students often times do not know that such study aids exist.  Whether you share it with an entire class, or just with special students who come to see you for ideas about how to improve their grades, I know they will benefit from this resource.

+ Please share this information with campus organizations which assist students in tutoring, test anxiety, and study skill development.

+ Help me to make it helpful to students.  Developing and maintaining a web site is a major undertaking.  I am proud to be a concerned faculty member and very much desire to have the best site possible for students to gain more from their educational experience.

Thanks very much for carefully considering this request.

Doctor Ah-Clem

PS.... Who am I "really" ??  Well, there are some hints at my web site.  But I want to remain "mostly anonymous" because this isn't about any particular institution.  It's about helping students get the most from their education!

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