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Doctor Ah-Clem!

Welcome to Doctor Ah-Clem's Webpages for Students

If you've never been here before, may I suggest clicking on I'm an Ah-Clem Newbie to be taken to the official greeting section of this page. Otherwise, here's the latest news from Clem!

+++October 6, 1998 +++
As of today, I'm officially open for surfing. Just completed final testing and submitted the site to the major search engines. So where are all you ??? Seriously, welcome to the site and I hope you will be able to locate what you are looking for. Please drop me some email if you have the chance just to say "hello" !!

Here's the most current information about the site. I'll be enlarging most sections and adding a few new ones in the next few days so check back often to see what's new.

   Site Reviews
  • Study Skills (6 sites / 2 Clem-Picks)
  • Exam Skills (31 sites / 7 Clem-Picks)
  • Writing Skills (10 sites / 5 Clem-Picks)
  • Test Anxiety (18 sites / 4 Clem-Picks)
  • Financial Aid (4 sites / 2 Clem-Picks)
  • College Selection (0 sites)
  •    Book Recommendations
  • Study Skills (7 books)
  • Exam Skills (2 books)
  • Writing Skills (8 books)
  • Test Anxiety (4 books)
  • Financial Aid (5 books)
  • College Selection (6 books)
  • I would love to have you suggest other sites you might know about. Just use the "Suggest-A-Site" link conveniently located to your left (my right!) or click right here (Suggest-A-Site) !!

    Official Newbie Greeting Starts Here!!

    Hello Fellow Seeker... I am Doctor Ah-Clem.  During my twenty odd years of teaching university-level courses I have encountered thousands of students, most of whom would have preferred to do better in my courses than they did.

    Often times they just didn't know the secrets of how to study more effectively and how to score higher on exams.  Some of them blacked-out during exams, suffering from what has been called test anxiety. Many students with this problem aren't even aware that this form of stress adversely affects their performance.

    But today, with the advent of the web, these secrets and related topics are being discussed and published helter-skelter all over the planet.  Hence, the purpose of these humble web pages... to bring together and review the dozens of sites with valuable information about getting better grades and make this information readily available to students of all ages.

    On the left of the page, there are links to websites and book recommendations covering the topics of study skills, exam skills, writing skills, test anxiety, financial aid sources and selecting a college. The book recommendations are presented with reviews and are conveniently linked to should you wish to purchase a copy of any book on-line. You can also use the link in the left sidebar to search for any book of interest (or music CD). is a great source for college textbooks at the best prices. It's also a great place to find a holiday book gift for your parents or a special friend. HINT!! HINT!!

    In addition, based on my years of teaching, I have some thoughts about how to raise your exam score. Visit the link How To Take Exams to read my suggestions. It's the straight poop from "Principal Poop" himself. If you want to know more about THAT, make sure you visit the link to Who is Doctor Ah-Clem?

    Please tell your friends about these pages... in fact, tell everyone you know... because the only thing preventing you and them from getting better grades is learning a few easy to master secrets.  

    Hey, I just thought of something... if you tell them about "Doctor Ah-Clem's Webpages" and don't read these pages yourself, they will probably start doing better than you on exams and "break the curve" so you better get clicking fast!  They may already be reading these pages!

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